We Fought the Law and the Law Won

My mother just came for a visit and we had a run-in with the law.

My mother is a shutterbug. Oh, she wants a photo of everything. EVERYthing. Like we had an argument when she came for SpouseBUZZ Live Hampton Roads because she insisted on taking this photo of the Chesapeake Bay, just to say she has a photo of the Chesapeake Bay.

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I thought this was absurd, as this could be a photo of any body of water on the planet. It didn't seem worth taking to me! But that's my mom; she'll take a photo of anything and everything...which makes visiting tourist destinations quite time-consuming.

And to my mom, a military installation is a tourist destination.

Now, I know the rules. I lived in Germany and saw the AFN commercials about how you shouldn't take photos on base. And there were definitely things that I knew my mom couldn't have photos of. But there were some innocuous things, boring things, Chesapeake Bay type things that I thought were harmless. I figured there was nothing sensitive or OPSEC about them. I couldn't care less about having a photo of them and figured no one else but my mom would ever care either.

And we got stopped by the law.

My red-faced mom had to delete all the photos she'd taken on the installation.

So let this be one person's lesson that, when they say not to take photos of the installation, they apparently mean it!

My poor embarrassed mom didn't end up with photos...but she did end up with an interesting story instead!

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