Virtual Road Trip--Who Wants Shotgun?!


Some of my fondest memories from childhood were the road trips. I especially remember my mom's habit of stopping at the brochure walls at restaurants or highway rest areas, collecting the ones that were "on our way" either to or from our final destination, and stopping at some really incredible places. Sometimes, they were historical and other times hysterical, but memorable nonetheless.

Last summer, we were in the official beginnings of my husband's deployment to Iraq. Fast forward to this summer and we've added a kindergartener to the fold and my husband isn't traveling anywhere. Because of our until-further-notice sentence of being housebound, I've become even more nostalgic about summers past and have already begun fantasizing about future summers where we can actually have fun.

I realized I'm likely not the only one whose summer is passing by at warp speed with nothing good to show for it. I thought maybe someone in the crowd would want to join me on a virtual road trip and maybe we could have some fun without spending money or packing bags. And, for those in our group who can go places or have already been traveling, pull out those travel tips and be ready to share! Military families are some of the most well-traveled folks in any given room, so I KNOW you know how to have a good road trip.

Whose coming along for the ride?

Before we jump too far ahead of ourselves and start talking about places worth seeing, places to eat, and fun things to do in the car, we need to organize and prep.

I'd like to solicit your selections for Tunes to Travel By because what is a road trip without good music? Please know your suggestions are not in vain. I definitely plan to add tunes to my iPod for when I run and I make plenty of trips to and from the eye doctor, my jobs, kids' activities and the pharmacy. So, while I may not be actually headed anywhere relaxing and fun, I can pretend. And, for those who have a chance to hit the open road, your advice will be invaluable.

We also need to pack our snack bag for the car, so in addition to your ultimate road trip tune, what is your ultimate road trip snack?

In future road trip installments, we'll be looking for out-of-the-way eateries, inexpensive attractions and advice on keeping the car's interior bicker-free. But, for now, let's hear your road trip theme song & snack fave in comments.

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