The never-ending PCS

It's funny that Guard Wife just wrote about a virtual road trip. Because I've been on the never-ending road trip...and it's anything but virtual.

We are in the midst of a PCS. So I've been on the road and/or homeless for the past month. And it's making me fat, people. First, it was the stress of the anticipation of the move. Then, it was life on the road and eating out for every meal.

There is a plus side. The kids have spent lots of time with one set of grandparents and cousins from both sides. Stretch and I have gotten to spend some time catching up with friends and he's been introduced to some of my "imaginary" friends from SpouseBuzz.

But I'm starting to get a bit tired of life on the road and am starting to look forward to having our own place and getting my belongings back. And it will be nice to get back into a routine again. PCSing Vacations can be nice but they have to end some time!

*PCS means Permanent Change of Station which leads to the question of why it's called that. For us, there is nothing permanent about our lives, least of all where we live.

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