I bought the most adorable strapless dress this week. I'm just hoping I'll be able to wear it. Why is it that we can send a man to the moon, we have smart phones that can do everything from finding the nearest gas station to calculating the calories you're about to consume at your favorite restaurant, but we can't design a strapless bra that isn't painful to wear, doesn't squish our boobs or make them look utterly ridiculous? For years and years I've been on a quest to find a comfortable, nice-looking strapless bra, but to no avail. It's very frustrating.

Now that I have that "off my chest," where was I going with this? Hum. Oh yes, I remember now.... I read something yesterday which piqued my interest.

Tiffany Bonnagio struck a seductive pose as a 6-foot boa constrictor wrapped itself around her slender torso. Holding a half-eaten apple in one hand, she opened her mouth slightly to suggest she had just taken a bite.

Photographer Angelita Ballada went into action, capturing Bonnagio in this intimate moment. Bonnagio, a 30-year-old veterinary technician, posed for that photo and a series of other portraits to surprise her husband, Tony, when he returns to Fayetteville from his deployment to Afghanistan."I wanted to do my take on Eve and the forbidden fruit," said Bonnagio. "I like to come up with themes."

Bonnagio is among a growing number of women, particularly military spouses, who are embracing their beauty through boudoir photography while showing their sensual sides.

The article goes on to state that not all boudoir photos involve nudity, or are suggestive.

Boudoir photography harkens back to the pinup photos taken during the World War II era. The trend is popular in Fayetteville, Ballada said, among Army wives such as Bonnagio who have their photos taken in a tasteful but flirty fashion. Often, they're gifts for their husbands who are deployed overseas.

"That's actually 95 percent of everybody that comes to me," Ballada said. "It doesn't need to be sexy poses. It can be just natural. It's all about how you portray yourself. You don't need to wear lingerie to be have boudoir photography. You can wear a sexy dress and heels as long as its about yourself, about your body, about your beauty."

Interesting. Is this the modern-day version of Glamour Shots for milspouses? Anyone had boudoir photos taken? If so, how was the experience?

Read the full article, and view the pictures here.

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