Ohhh Murphy, why so soon?


My husband deployed exactly 10 days ago and Murphy has already made an appearance. Ten days!

I decided to clean my truck out today and got busy vacuuming. I thought I'd listen to some music and turned the radio on. I finished the vacuuming and headed inside to cool off a bit - it was getting hot! In the meantime, my neighbor stopped over and we got to chatting. This was my second mistake. The first you ask? I left the radio on while I ran inside to cool off.

Our chat ended up being a good 45 minutes or so and when I went back outside, the radio was still on. I turned it off and chatted some more. Seeing how the radio was still on when I went back outside, I thought it'd be okay to turn it back on while I "Armor-Alled" the interior. I finished the job, turned off the radio, and headed back inside.

I know you can see it coming, but humor me, please...

It's now fifteen minutes prior to the time I need to be somewhere. Luckily, it's just under a five minute drive and I was leaving early. I get in the car and "click, click, click". Not "vroom, vroom" like I expected. A few expletives later I realize that I can take JD's truck and worry about mine later. Great! I run inside, grab his keys, and head back out. Did I mention that it's getting really hot?! It is. I'm sweaty now. I jump in his truck, my sunglasses fog up, and I stick the key in the ignition. "Click, click, click". More expletives. I mean, seriously, this is happening? I now have just under ten minutes. I call my neighbor (the chatty one) and tell her what's going on. By the way, her oldest daughter has been playing in my garage this entire time and may have learned a few new words. She offers me her car and asks if I know how to drive a stick shift. I do, but it's been awhile. Not wanting to risk any damage to her car, Iremember seeing my neighbor pull into his garage just a few minutes prior to this ridiculous situation. Ms. Chatty offers to pull her car over to my driveway (which I'm conveniently parked right smack dab in the middle of) and I run to get the other neighbor to help me connect the jumper cables. (I've seen it done many times, but am always worried I'll screw it up.) Luckily, he's quick on his feet and the truck is running within a few minutes and I'm on my way and on time! Sweaty, but on time.

What's that saying; all's well that ends well? In this case that's true.I have to say that I've been fortunate in the past and mostly avoided Murphy and those pesky deployment gremlins. Here's hoping that this isn't a sign of things to come.

I'm all about silver linings and all and one thing this little visit from Murphy has shown me, is that I have awesome neighbors! Really, I do.

Anyone else out there had a visit from Murphy lately? If so, do tell. That way we can all commiserate together!

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