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Following She of the Sea's post below announcing the relaunch of the popular MyCAA program, there's been a flurry of conversation about the revamped program.

MOAA issued a press release, which reads, in part:

The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) has expressed strong disagreement with the Pentagon's July 20 decision to severely limit military spouses' eligibility for the wildly popular My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) program

When the program was first announced last year, spouses were extraordinarily enthusiastic and grateful that the Defense Department was finally acknowledging it had some obligation to help them ease their own personal sacrifices," Strobridge said. "That's why they were so angry when the program was suspended in February, because they saw Defense leaders as backtracking on the only funded career program they ever had."


"The reopening of the program in March offered a renewed ray of hope, but now this new restriction yanks the rug out from under career spouses yet again," Strobridge said.

"MOAA believes longer-serving spouses deserve fairer treatment, and we'll be asking Congress to help them get it."

Full release can be read here.

Military One Source's MyCAA page can be found here.

Click here to see a comprehensive post which details the issues and timeline surrounding the abrupt closing of the program earlier this year.

Lots of chatter on twitter re MyCAA. And by the way, we recently joined the twitterverse and are looking each day to reach and interact with milspouses on twitter. If you have a twitter account, let us know by leaving it in the comment section or by following us. We want to follow as many milspouses as possible. It's a great medium with which to communicate and support one another.

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