I Think the Marine Corps is Trying to Gaslight Me


I really do believe that the Marine Corps is trying to drive me crazy. I do. And I have to admit that it's not a long trip. Still...

It always seems to be feast or famine with the Corps. They are either deployed/traveling all the time or right, directly, no avoiding it...under your feet. And that is my situation right now.

Let me start by noting that I do have perspective on this. So many of you are getting ready to deal with or already dealing with deployments. I put up a link to thison Facebook and if that does not smack me back into the reality of how good I have it, nothing will. It does. As God is my witness, it does.


The Dark Prince is on week 8 of "living the dream". That means sleeping until whenever, getting up to feed, scratching a few unmentionable body parts, going back upstairs until the next time to feed, monosyllabic conversations with me, and then staying up until all hours playing "Left for Dead" on X-box. I love the boy and I am glad he is home but he is a little....ripe. Hygiene is not high on his agenda and his room really does smell like the place where hope died.

His dad is on leave between assignments. At first, it was a three week leave period and even though I shuddered slightly, I was a good little wife and embraced this particular kind of suck. Lancelot is not good with time on his hands. I suppose I ought to thank the Dark Prince for purchasing the headset that allows his father to play "Left for Dead" on the internet but so far, I haven't. I go to sleep hearing things like,"Hey, thanks, warrior 234, for the help in killing that last zombie. Do you have any moreblahblahblah because I am almost out of blah blahblahblah." Couple that with the sound of X-box automatic gunfire and you have the dulcet tonesto which I fall into slumber. Every night.

Monday, I found out thatLancelot has a four week leave period due to his new boss' adjusted check in date. Between that and the fact that the Dark Prince does not go back to school until mid to late August and I see a nervous breakdown in my future......

I think I mostly needed to vent about my situation but if you have any helpful suggestions, I would love to read them. Do you know what I mean about the feast or famine thing?

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