Going "Home"


As you may know, my family embarked upon an overseas PCS around seven weeks ago. We're still living in the Navy Lodge, and I am having a harder time with this move than with any move I've ever done. I've never been homesick before, but I have had many moments of homesickness in the last few weeks.

I had an opportunity to come back to the States to visit the USAA mothership (see Andi's post) and it has been a bittersweet journey. I was so glad to be in the US, and a little worried that this transition has been so hard for me. Thankfully, something happened yesterday that helped me see that I might be doing better than I think.

I was in an amazing mid-Texas rest stop/convenience store and I was looking in the soda cases for a drink. None of the options were appealing to me and I thought to myself, "If I were in Italy, I could find something that I wanted to drink." After the thought sunk in, I was really excited. I was actually looking forward to going back for a reason other than my family. What a breakthrough!

I'm sure similar things have happened to each of you. How did you know that you had become comfortable with your new home? What was your moment?

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