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Update! Andrea at Children's Hospital is asking if you are one of the two blood types and planning to donate, to please contact her on Monday. She says that they have gotten a very good response and waiting until Monday helps ensure that the child has adequate supply that won't all expire at the same time. Thank you!!

Is your blood type B negative or O negative? Do you live in the DC area?I received the email pasted below this morning. Even if you don't have either of those blood types and/or don't live in the DC area, please consider passing this one. Someone out there can help.

Thank you.


Here's the basics:

We have a leukemia patient at Children's who is using blood products VERY frequently and he has a very rare blood type. Only two percent of the population have one of the two types of blood he needs: B negative and O negative. In addition to those blood types, this patient also needed multiple platelet transfusions every day.

We are struggling to keep up with his need for these rare blood types and yesterday, he just increased his usage.

If anyone is interesting in donating for this patient, they would have to come to Children's Hospital in Northwest Washington, DC. To schedule an appointment, or any questions can be sent directly to me via any of the contact information listed below.

Thank you SOOOO much!!

Andrea WolschlegerDonor RecruiterChildren's National Medical CenterP: 202-476-3306C: 202-495-9011F: 202-476-6526www.childrensnational.org/donateblood"Donate blood for all the little reasons."

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