Goodbye Deployment Mode!


This morning as I was going through emails, my daily blog reads and facebook updates, the doorbell rang. Unexpectedly. And for a moment, my heart raced as I pictured a Marine in dress blues standing there.

Then I remembered. The Dark Prince was upstairs sleeping and NOT in Afghanistan.

I think, just as it takes us a little while to get into the mode, it takes time to get out of it. And just as every deployment is like a snowflake (although I say it's a yellow snowflake), everybody does different things to cope with it.

For me, it wasnot watching the news after a certain time of the evening, sticking to watching really bad syfy, not turning down my cul de sac before checking to see if there was an official vehicle waiting for me, and not opening the door or answering the phone before seeing who it was.

Those were some of the things that I did and as I sat here enjoying the fact that doorbellswill not cause me panic anymore, I wondered what you all did or do during a deployment to cope?

What does deployment mode mean to you?

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