Baffled...But Maybe It's Just the Heat?


The only light in this room right now is my Mac. Lighting is too hot! Our AC decided that it needed a break tonight. Never mind that it has been steamy (literally) here today after several thunderstorms that only added to the humidity rather than dispel it.

My husband has been trying to connect with a buddy for two months. He's wanted to have that "Hey! I'm home from Iraq with all my pieces and parts" beer with him and tonight is the night!

Then, the AC went out and my husband, in all seriousness and sincerity, said, "I'm going to call Jon and tell him I can't make it. I can't have you home alone waiting for some repair guy to come! It's almost eleven!"

::Blink, Blink::

Hello? Have we met?

Maybe the sultry heat has gone to your brain, love, but I'm the woman who is home for months at a time with you not up the street at the corner watering hole. I've been home for a year without you even on this continent.

At night.


With appliances breaking, a roof that needs shoveled, a child who needs adopted, two girls who need shuttled to and fro, two dogs who have been nothing short of demonic and all sorts of various and sundry other bits of drama.

Don't get me wrong.

I find it absolutely adorable and precious that he gave one second's thought to my safety and whether or not it's such a hot idea to leave your wife unattended like this.

I also (I'm not going to lie) found it a little annoying.

You are worried about me when you run up the street to knock back a couple with a buddy to the point that you almost didn't go, but you appear to have less angst over going away for a year where anything could happen to anyone? Mmmm-kay.

Oh, yes. I know, I know. The couple o'beers are a choice and the deployments aren't. I (kinda) get that.

It did strike me as odd, though, that THIS of all things gave him pause. Amazing.

It also made me wonder what little quirky thing your spouse has done after deployment that made you think--Seriously? Dude (or Dudette), I HAVE this, yo. [Wow. I do, truly, think the heat is affecting my ability to write in my own tone of voice!]

Put your spouse's quirks in comments. I cannot wait to read them because I KNOW I'm not the only one!

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