An Update on MyCAA


In my email box today I found a press release where Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell discusses the MyCAA situation and the future of the program.

Morrell states that MyCAA was designed to provide short-term financial assistance to help spouses earn quick certification in portable careers but more participants were using the program to help them towards long-term educational goals.

From the press release,

As the secretaryconsiders the best way to resume the program fully, he is wrestling todetermine, "given the sudden groundswell of interest in this program,how do we manage that interest, how do we focus it on what it was meantfor [and] how to we handle it from a budgetary perspective?" Morrellsaid.

Gates must decide: "Do we refine this back to what it wasoriginally intended to be - an opportunity for people to relativelyquickly gain a very portable skill that would make them employablewherever they lived, or what it has morphed into -- an opportunity forpeople to pursue a range of educational opportunities?" Morrell said.

The complete release can be found at Defense.gov.

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