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Over the years, we at SpouseBUZZ have addressed the issue of the language that exists for those who serve in or are affiliated with the military (for short, called Militarese). We PCS, our spouses go TDY, we get BAH, and if someone is out of line they get a Come to Jesus.

One thing we haven't really gone into, though, is the gender differences within Militarese. Because I can tell you right now that I don't speak the same language as my husband.

For instance...

A while ago I got a call from my husband that started out this way, "Don't worry, I'm okay!"

I realize that he intended this to be soothing - after all, he's okay! Right? NO!

This just sets the stage for my own nervous breakdown knowing that my husband was in the middle of something scary. Something I try not to think about all too often. Really, that is not the phrasing I would recommend.

Another phrase that gives me the hiccups: "Have you seen the news today?"

Depending on the time of day I get a call, the answer varies. Usually I hear this first thing in the morning, though and the answer is, "Do I want to?"

To be fair, I'm pretty sure that there are things I say that don't translate into his language very well, either. Like, for instance, "Honey, did you get to that list of chores I wrote for you?"

I'm thinking that we need to add a phrase section to the end of our planned English to Militarese dictionary. With male and female sections.

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