Excuse Me, That's Just Weird


These are Air Force Family's dogs, Ike and Mamie.-1 Ike and Mamie have been wonderful companions, and they love everyone. Mamie, in particular, has a thing for babies.

Ike, however, apparently has had some issues come up.

It all started last weekend when I left for SpouseBUZZ Live at Nellis AFB. I took Ike and Mamie to their regular kennel for boarding. Soon, I got a call from the kennel about Ike's behavior. Ike had apparently behaved aggressively towards two other dogs during playtime.

Now, the kennel my dogs go to is very familiar to them, and the people there know them very well. I received the call because the staff there is well aware that this sort of behavior is NOT normal Ike. I immediately made an appointment with our vet and took Ike in the day after getting home.

It turns out there was nothing organically wrong with my dog, he just has... separation anxiety.

You read that correctly, my 60 pound pit bull - a dog that is supposed to be rough and tough and able to live by eating old tires and scrap metal - has separation anxiety because Air Force Guy is deployed and I've had to go out of town frequently recently.

My dog has to go on a medication that is similar to Prozac, but for dogs.

My dog needs anti-depressants!

And this all strikes me as quite surreal, and really not normal in any sort of way.

I was ready to have my own emotional issues surrounding deployment. I was ready for issues with my kids. But I can say with 100% certainty that I never thought that issues might arise with my dog.

Apparently that's something for me to add to the list.

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