Could It Be True? Might MyCAA Reopen to New Users?


I heard a delicious rumor about MyCAA opening, and so I did a little research. It seems that the rumor is based on comments made May 8, 2010 by Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates at a Town Hall meeting at Fort Riley, Kansas.

The first question asked of Secretary Gates was about the MyCAA accounts. He spoke briefly about the success of the program, and then he stated this:

"So we'vebeen looking at the program. And I would tell you that I'm going tohave a couple more meetings on it this week, this coming week. Butwithin the next week or two, I expect we will be able to reopen theprogram to new applicants. And we are looking at a budget somewhere onthe order of $500 million to -- and we're going -- we're going to haveto do some things in terms of some caps and some limits, to be able tohelp as many people as possible. But I expect within the next two weekswe'll reopen the program, with a substantial increase in the funding."

Most of the military spouses with whom I speak are quite cynical and angry about the MyCAA program, but hopefully Secretary Gates is right and the program will reopen quickly. For now, I'm going to put this in the Good News category.

The complete transcript of the meeting can be found at the Defense.gov News Transcript.

For ongoing coverage of the MyCAA program, check out the MyCAA category at The Paycheck Chronicles.

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