Can I Get A Makeup Test?


A month or so ago, I went in to medical for a much needed check-up. One of the tests performed was a cholesterol test, which came back a little high. The nurse-practitioner called me and talked about all the stuff that I needed to do: exercising more, eating better, etc. And then it hit me: my husband had been home from deployment for around three weeks. Three weeks of eating in restaurants, and indulging in our favorite not-necessarily-good-for-you meals, and three weeks of not-exercising-as-much-as-I-should.

I was pretty serious when I mentioned that the results of that test might not be completely representative, seeing as I was three weeks into having my husband home. I'm not sure whether she understood what I was trying to say, but she did concede that maybe it would be good to be retested in another few months. I'd probably be smart to get my act together before then...do you think I can use the PCS excuse that time?

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