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I'll admit, I am horrid about participating in these types of things.

A mini-miracle occurred last week. I picked up our base newspaper from the front yard *the day it was delivered*. And it wasn't water logged or anything.

On the back of our AAFES flyer was an ad from M&Ms. They are having a vote for your favorite color sweepstakes but have added some covers for us military families.

Rsz_11marsmilitary The best part was seeing that they will be donating one dollar for each vote to the Fisher House.In addition to voting on the website, you can text your favorite color to 41513. No charge from the candy company, but your service provider's regular messaging rates will apply.

A trip to the website shows their maximum donation to the Fisher House will be $10,000 and I hope they make it. If you are so inclined, support this great cause.

As an aside, do all branches call them covers? Because Seadaddy calls everything a cover at this point.

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