So, am I repeating Love My Tanker's "Did You Know?"


Most of you know that Love My Tanker is our resident expert(can you be a residentof thecyberworld?) on issues and facts that surround our lives. She has a grasp for and an understanding of the issues that impact us and our families, and regularly shows us where to find information. How she does this is a complete mystery to me -- you'd swear she had a USB port and had an auto download/upload ability.

So with my hat in hand andwith aHUGE amount of deferrence to LMT, I approach this topic as I may very well be repeating something that LMT has already addressed -- if so, pls forgive ... but ...

Did yall see the sight www.tutor.com/military and what it has available? OMG!THEY DO THIS FOR US?!?!? Ohhhh, to be back in school! (okay, let's not get TOO carried away...)

Have kids in school? Want some free tutoring? You just GOTTA check this site out! O&O, MaintenanceToadOne

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