Really? He Is? Anybody ELSE want to know?


Aswith every war story, so goes the beginning: "ThereI was, and this ain't no sh**."

But first, yall know that I softly roll around in that computer no-mans-land between knowing how to use the PC and really understanding HOW the PC can be used. So it is for me with (don't laugh) Facebook, and Twitter and .... such. So it was with a littlenonchalance that I started into a conversation which led to the shock of my life. Call me naive, call me "not with it", but really? There,wide-open to the world on a Facebook post,was this story...

"Hi Hon! Can't wait to be home. Our unit will be pulling out of Bagram at 2300 tonight, the flight is scheduled to take off at 0300 and we should be in the air by 0330 heading outta here..."

After my ears stopped spinning on my skull, and I'd cleaned up the blood that shot out of my eyes, I thought -- are unit deployments really open to the world and common knowledge? Me thinks not. Yet, there it was.

Withgreat reluctance to bring this up here, but with greater fear if not brought up here -- folks, you really don't need to know this level of detail -- plsdon't pressure or ask your spouse to give you these details. They're going to be traveling for 2 days, the exact time they leave theaterreally isn't important. Okay? The bad guys are smart, real smart.Facebook for all ofits abilities to be secure(d), it isn't any match for someone with the know-how, who wants to read what's being written.

It's hard to look in the mirror after an ambush when you can think, Did we give the movement timing to the bad guys? Keep it zipped; let their return be a bit more of a surprise; as more importantly, their return is the ultimate joy. Over&Out, MaintenanceToadOne

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