Let the dance begin ... (Spouse Leadership)


You know, it's PCS Dance Season. Many of those around us are entering Spring with their dance card full of excitement ... and dread. Spring & Summer moves are what we're made of and most if not all of us will know someone moving somewhere in the next 120 days. This year Iwill be saying "see you later" to many friends this summer as I watch them spin up for their dance. The Boss and I are staying put this summer so I get to watch the dance from under my sombrero and in my lawn chair with a beer. GuessNOT being a part of the dance does have some advantages, eh?

As I watch those going to the PCS Dance refocus and start their checklists, I settle back and think about those that they will be replaced with -- folks at other bases doing their own PCS Dance getting ready to move to my installation. I think back on friends about to depart andthe effortless coordination of doing our mil-spouse activities gained through familiarity versus the unknown of the new folks in-bound. I think of not only the Commanders that will be changing and leading us, but for me, I muse about their spouses. New command at the Company/Squadron, Battalion/Group, Brigade/Wing level brings challenges I'm sure for the couple, not just the military member. Will the mil-spouse come with wit, with charm, ... with IDEAS?

Then I thought, as an INTJ, "let's make a list!" Sitting here watching others in their PCS Dance, I had a chance to think about their successes,and the ideas and attitudes they taught me or those that we developed while we together served our communities. So, if ever asked, could I make a succinct stab at one of those "nuggets of truth" that could help a newly assigned commanders' spouse?

My list started to take shape:- Receive before Transmit (listen, then talk--maybe...)- Smilerather than scowl & really, there can be humor in almost everything you encounter- Know what worked for you but accept that there's almost always a better way- Your glass house is REALLY transparent; mind your manners at all times- There are no real secrets as few understand the meaning of "mums the word"- Accept everyone (for what they BRING TO the fight); disparage no one (for being more or lessIN the fight)- In your dealings with others, never "tell"; always "ask"

Now - let me toss this over the net to you. It's time to help someone dance. Let's say you have a new Brigade/Wing Commanders' Spouse in-bound, and you have an opportunity to share a nugget or a pearl of wisdom, What Say You? Lemme hear from you ...Over & Out, MaintenanceToadOne

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