Keeping the Home Fires Lit

Ever since he started taking boxing classes, my seven year old son has been stating his intention to be a fighter sponsored by Ranger Up. It's not surprising that he knows who they are - my husband has been coveting several of their t-shirts for quite awhile, and Ranger Up is represented at every Milblog Conference (which I usually attend with kids in tow, as I do most things). And anyone who has ever spent three seconds around a military person will immediately recognize the vein of humor running through many of their blog posts and stories - my husband's favorite to read and re-read being The Dining In Story, which continues to reduce my husband to tears of snot-choked laughter (and the barest hint of envy that he didn't manage to pull such a thing off) every time he reads it.

Recently, something was posted there that is a must read for spouses - Keeping the Home Fires Lit.

Thanks, guys. This spouse with a deployed husband really needed to read that about now. And I'm pretty sure I'll be reading it again - probably over and over - in the months that we have left to go.

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