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I read to my kids a lot. Even now, when the oldest child at home is 12, we do a lot of out loud reading. It's a habit that has stuck with us since the eldest (18 years ago! *GASP*) was born.

So a new company I was recently introduced to, Redeo, really struck a chord with me. As a military family, we've had our share (and the share of three civilians) of time where Dad is apart from the family. We've utilized all the regular things - email, chat, skype, google-talk... But Readeo allows something very unique - a chance for a Mom, Dad, or Grandparent physically separated from a child to read to their child online. Readeo's BookChat seems made for military families - the book is on the both computer screens and the parent or grandparent can interact with the child just as if they were in the same room. Distance does not stop the bed-time routine!

And even better? Readeo is a big supporter of military families and is offering free six month memberships for all military familes who sign up to use BookChat in honor of Month of the Military Child!

You can't go wrong if you try something for free! I'd love to hear feedback from SpouseBUZZ readers who try Readeo - so if it sounds like a good program for you, please let me know how it worked for your family in the comments!

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