If you have ever lived OCONUS (outside the continental US), I could use your input...


For the first time in my almost 13 years of military spouse-dom, we are PCSing OCONUS. Hawaii, to be exact! We are all very excited and looking forward to not having to shovel snow or wear snow boots or have a whole "winter" and "summer" wardrobe.

But, I am internally freaking out about how and what to get rid of, store, pack in whole/unaccompanied baggage, and what to send as household goods. Plus getting our animals (1 dog and 2 old cats) to Hawaii in the summer when airlines have so many travel restrictions for pets.

So, if you have ever lived OCONUS, please help me!

I've been talking to people who have lived, or currently live, OCONUS about all the what-ifs and don't forgets and make sure you... etc.

My biggest question is what should we pack in our unaccompanied baggage? I've been asking people for ideas and have been given some great ideas of things I never would've thought to pack. So if you have a "lesson learned" or any great tips about moving OCONUS, particularly what to pack in unaccompanied baggage, I would REALLY appreciate your input!!!

BTW, anyone live in Hawaii or moving there this summer?

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