Feels like going home


I've never been to the state, let alone the place,where we will be moving this summer. But there's a part of me that feels like I'm going home. Why? Because after 2 years in Civilian Land, I'll be back among other mil-spouses and my kids will be among other mil-brats. I will have something in common with my neighbors again. I won't have to explain things in excruciating detail. I'll be able to relax and know that my new neighbors and friends will understand.

I grew up as an Army-brat and have always been most comfortable in military communities. It's a bit like having a really huge extended family. I don't always get along with, or even like, everyone in the family. But they're still family. We share a common history,culture, and a common language that outsiders don't understand.I've missed that the last 2 years. It feels goodto be going home.

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