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Okay, so we're less than two months out from our next PCS, and I'm up to my ears. I'm sure many of you understand my feeling that we have too much stuff, and I am determined to go through every last thing in this house before we leave. That isn't intended to be sarcastic, though it certainly sounds that way when I say it out loud. I am definitely a "make a mess first" sort of organizer, and my ADD is in high gear, so I've got half-sorted piles everywhere, and unsorted piles everywhere else. I've been pulling boxes out left and right, trying to get rid of stuff. It is enough to make a person crazy.

Crazier yet is that our house is on the market. I've watched enough HGTV to know that houses don't sell (or rent) when they look cluttered, but I don't see a solution to this problem. There are six people in this house, and at least five of them are pack rats. (Including me.) Every time someone comes to see the house, my family throws my sorting into boxes and tubs to make it look less disorganized. I tell you, it may look less disorganized, but it is making me go in the opposite direction.

We've had five people look at the house, and no has signed a lease yet. Since they already knew the price, and the general specifications (and frankly, there's not a lot of competition here), my guess is the problem is the stuff. I'm going to keep plugging away, but in the meantime, if you know where to find some magic disappearing boxes and tubs, please let me know.

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