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Wow, it's been a month since my last roundup! So much for "every other week" postings. As much as my life seems to get in the way of writing, I probably should've known to set the bar a little lower. ;)

Be sure to stop over at Laughs & Frustrations of a Proud Army Wife. I think she writes with an honesty that's easy to relate to and, seeing as how she's new to the blog world, I'm sure she'd appreciate the traffic.

Homefront 7 just received the news that she and her Soldier will be PCSing. It'll be her first PCS and she could use some moving tips.

Indie Army Wife shares her thoughts on the power of a hug and really hits it home.

And finally, a veryspecial blog to share with you all. "Mrs. P" has been bloggingsince August 2009. She jumped into the blog world just a few shortmonths after taking the plunge into the milspouse world when she married the man of her dreams, her soul mate, a Marine.She had a baby girl in January and then, on March 14, 2009, she was suckerpunched. Hard. It was so hard and so real, that it's difficult to wrap yourhead around it. Somehow, she has found the strength to continue bloggingthrough it all. Which is something her readers (old and new) are thankfulfor. Stop over at A Little Pink in a World of Camo and see just what I'mtalking about.

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