Not Avon, but Special Agent lady calling...


The phone rang. It was the guard from one of the gates of our gated community here in Civilian Land. I wasn't expecting a visitor so I was only half listening, waiting for the pause so I could say that I wasn't expecting anyone. Suddenly, he had my attention with, "Special Agent Lisa* is here about your husband's background check." (*not her real name)

I managed to mumble something resembling, "Oh, okay," while frantically thinking of what a disaster the house was. That's what I get for procrastinating! Thanks a lot, Murphy!

Then I looked at the clock and realized I had to leave in 5 minutes to get my kids from school.

I'm outside by my car when I see her pull up. Before she has a chance to get out of the car, I'm explaining about the school pick-up. Instead, she takes down my phone numbers and agrees to call me later to get the information she needs. Whew!

I'm guessing my civilian friends have never had this particular surprise in their day.

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