It Is A Miracle We Survived


I love being a two parent household. When my husband returned, I put away my super-mom cape and started behaving as if the world would continue functioning if I didn't take care of every single last thing. Other than a snowpocalypse, nothing spectacular has happened. Things in our house are pretty much the same as they were when he was gone. At first, I was a little disappointed. Surely an extra 24 parenting hours, each and every day, would result in a clean kitchen at all times, or we wouldn't forget appointments, or we would always have the right food when we needed it. The reality is that things are moving along at basically the same rate of organization vs. chaos.

Then I realized it: If we were doing this well (or not well, whatever) when it was just me, that was an amazing accomplishment. Somehow the kids and I managed to get through a year, with only half the parenting, and we all survived. Social services never visited, and no one staged an intervention.

I guess maybe that cape had powers after all.

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