Homecomings and Root Canals: A Very Bad Combination


My husband finally made it home. I had only a few hours notice so, of course, the panic ensued. So did a raging toothache. There is nothing worse than a toothache.You can't eat solid food, you can't smile, you can't sleep through the pain. The constant throbbing and intense pain just doesn't subside until whatever is wrong is made right again by a dentist.

I went to the dentist only to receive a referral to a specialist for a root canal. Yay! But nothing is ever easy, is it? I couldn't get the root canal until Monday, so the weekend was a complete disaster.Nothing like spending a homecoming alternating between extreme pain or deep slumber induced by pain meds and antibiotics.

What a romantic, wonderful way to celebrate a homecoming!

The important thing is that he's home safe and sound, but boy would I like a do-over....

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