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Actually, I weighed in on time this week (and am down another two pounds, which brings my total lost to 19 pounds in 6 weeks) but I haven't had a chance to post about it because I dashed off after personal training on Friday so I could go see the newest addition to the SpouseBUZZ family.

And since I was visiting my brother and playing non-stop with my triplet nephews the rest of the time I was in the area, I didn't have a chance to post my Feather Weight Challenge update. But that's okay, too, because I spent all weekend whining about the fact that I only lost two pounds this week.

I don't know about you all, but the most frustrating thing about fitness for me is that the process often seems to defy all the laws of physics. For instance,

...when counting calories we should be able to get a round-about figure for weight loss amount, right? Sites like fitday.com not only record the number of calories you take in, but those you burn as well. You can even generate reports of the type of calories you eat and how they are spread among different nutrient groups. You should be able to do some kind of algebra to figure out and predict results accurately, right?

NOT! And most especially not for me, since I have a horrible tendency towards carb sensitivity. I mean, I'm REALLY carb sensitive. It's ridiculous.

So when you've been watching your diet like a hawk (which in reality means that all you can think about is food), boxing/kickboxing five times a week, adding half an hour to forty five minutes of extra cardio three or four times a week, and hitting your all time personal best record of six weeks and one day without touching a piece of bread of any sort or variety (I did have two flour tortillas on Friday with my shrimp tacos. It's simply impossible to travel on Lenten Fridays when you're watching carbs. Impossible) - that two pounds is disappointing, to say the least. The math says three.

And being the worrier that I am, I figure that it means I'm hitting close to plateau when I will be working my rear off, being miserable food-wise, and not losing ANY weight. GRRRR! I'm all about projection at this point, let me tell you.

Oh, and I was also obsessing over the fact that my usual six days a week of working out was going to be a lowly four days this week due to appointments on Monday that I couldn't get out of or rearrange. Trust me - even Sarah's new baby heard all about how convinced I am I will be five pounds heavier at my next weigh in.

This morning I decided to stop being such a cranky- head (actually, I used a different word that isn't very polite) and be pro-active. First of all, thanks to the wonderful support of good friends I've got several advantages. Like the Hungry Girl recipe book sent to me by the lovely, talented, and thoughtful Marine Wife. Did you know that it's possible to have warm cheese sticks while dieting? CHEESE STICKS. Oh Marine Wife, you saved my sanity! Next Friday I don't have to stress over what to eat or settle for yet another salad.

Second - I purposefully ate something that I had been denying for the last six weeks. I ate some ice cream. With strawberries, bananas, and pecans. When the person at Cold Stone Creamery handed me the bowl I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to finish it off. I mean, I'm not really an ice cream fan. Except... I inhaled it. And it was GOOD. And once my mind realized that I was not going to cut out everything that tastes good for the rest of my life (because I love food. I love food really a lot.), there was a lot less stress going on. I didn't look at my lunch salad today like it was the Anti-Christ. I didn't screech at the kids as they enjoyed the cereal I'm forbidding myself to touch.

So, just a warning, the next weigh in I report may not be pretty. But my family hasn't all moved out or had me committed to a mental institution for the hopelessly b*tchy, either. And that's kind of a victory as well.

Six weeks and 19 pounds down, four weeks to go

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