Um, Hello? Snowmaggedon Here!


Last night I got a phone call from Air Force Guy. He said, quite brightly, "So, I see you're getting some snow!"

I did not find that statement as funny as he thought I would, mostly because (a) I'm really sick of shoveling Minnesota amounts of snow in a Northern Virginia world, and (b) because it hasn't escaped my notice that whenever some sort of earth shattering event like The Snowpocalypse, last minute moving, or children with revolving tag-team diarrhea occurs AFG manages to be gone.

When I mentioned this fact to AFG, he immediately retorted, "Well, DUH. I PLANNED it that way! Obviously."

I think he was being sarcastic, but given his deployment and TDY track record it may be the truth. And if he is somehow really planning this around life's more unpleasant events using his extra super special powers of deployment prognostication, he better also rattle off some winning lottery numbers for me. For that yin-yang balance and all that.

Also - oh great Assignments Person in the Sky - can we do something in the Bahamas next? I'm sure there's something available, and I promise not to complain about the crystal clear ocean or gorgeous skies. Promise.

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