The Feather Weight Challenge Week 3 - The Weigh In That Didn't Happen


I now realize that I hate snow.

Thanks to the back to back Storms of the Snowpocalypse in our area, I missed personal training last Friday, this Monday, and this Friday. I only made three workouts this week (Monday, Tuesday, and Friday), and neither my trainer nor the gym owner was available to weight me today (because I am *NOT* going to parade that extra-large number in front of everyone and anyone. I have my limits).

On the bright side...

I had to shovel out our walkway, two cars, and our back patio three different times, so that added up to a grand total of 4 hours of snow shoveling. I missed three hours of workout, so hopefully that evens out there.

I probably wouldn't not have been able to workout on Wednesday or Thursday anyway, because I came down with some nasty chest cold that felt my lungs were a great place to have a last minute vacation. Shoveling I could do - cardio would have been out of the question.

According to my personal scale (which is not in the least reliable), I lost two pounds this week. My scale has never matched up with the professional scale at the gym, with differences from between .5 and 3 pounds at various times (the gym scale says I weigh more). However, I figure that if I split the difference we can assume that worst case scenario this week was a wash and I didn't lose or gain. Considering the situation, I'll accept that one.

However, I won't accept it for next week! The idea of not losing weight and yet not being able to enjoy the marvelous goodness and wonderful flavors of the Masala Wok two blocks from my house or the Panera located enticingly below my LA Boxing location is unacceptable. Pounds be gone!

Last week I got one of the fitness emails Nikki from Nikki Fitness sends out. For those that can't make it to a gym, I can't praise Nikki's program enough! My last go-round her workout was responsible for 20 pounds lost (which I gained back in the lead up to Air Force Guy's deployment as we enjoyed all his favorite foods), and her workouts are only half an hour long!

Nikki's email proved to be the personal pick up I needed at just that time:

My lungsare on fire. I can't even tell if my legs are getting tired because Iam breathing so hard I can't even close my mouth. I am suddenly workingabove my target rate and would fail the talk test... and if I did talk,it would be to curse the treadmill! I had to cool down and do somemuscle machines and yoga with the rest of my hour at the gym.This is a personal trainer after three months away from running.Because of medical issues, I had to stop my normal 5 mile runs severaltimes a week and start from scratch. The scenario above was after only15 minutes on the treadmill.It made me think about how I always advise clients and readers to justget started with your daily workout and you will feel so good duringand afterward that you will be more than happy you made the effort. Butyesterday on the treadmill I was anything but happy.Now, I realize that may not sound like a tremendous pick-me-up, but Nikki is *IN-SHAPE*. And she had trouble, too! The six week recovery she needed made her work-out different, and starting it up again wasn't easy, didn't feel good, and just plain sucked. So that means that I'm not abnormal, weird, and a lost fitness-cause! Thank you, Nikki! When I was chuffing, huffing, and whining my way through the last half hour of my kickboxing class today, I thought of Nikki and realized that getting to my goal is a process. A long, irritating, and painful process - but a process nonetheless. And even though I was sick on Wednesday and Thursday, my body definitely screamed at me for missing my workouts. I felt worse NOT working out than I do while I'm working out. I think that's progress!Between 8 - 10 pounds lost, three weeks down, and seven weeks left in The Feather Weight Challenge!follow my progress on twitter - @afwiferuthieThe Feather Weight Challenge GenesisWeigh In OneWeigh In TwoWeigh In Three

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