Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway...


A few weeks ago, our gypsy family finally found out where we're moving to this summer. By all accounts, it will be a great duty station with good family time. Yes, I've heard all that before so I won't hold my breath but it really does sound like it will be a good place for all of us. The kicker? We'll only be there for a year.

When our oldest (9) found out where we're going, she was very excited. Not because she knows anything about this new place, but because (1) she's so ready to leave this place; and (2) her favorite aunt and cousins will "only" be a 7 hour drive away so they can definitely come to help her celebrate turning 10 this fall. Apparently turning double-digits is very important. (I don't think she even realizes that she can get an ID card then. That was the reason I was excited to turn 10 several decades ago as an Army Brat.)

My husband is also excited about this upcoming move. He's getting to go to a school that he wanted to attend. Plus, he isn't having fun in his current job despite the jumping-out-of-perfectly-good-airplanes benefit he now enjoys.

I'm excited to get back to a place with other military spouses and families. And a commissary. Really, ladies, you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone!

But our youngest (5) is having a harder time coming to terms with this move. She even had a nightmare about it the other night. She remembers the last place we lived and still asks about friends from there. She's enjoying Kindergarten and the friends she's made in school. And she doesn't want to leave them behind...Again.

I've tried to put a positive spin on things: She wouldn't have met her current friends if we hadn't moved here. There are more friends for her to make after we move but she won't get a chance to meet them if we don't. I haven't had the heart to tell her we'll only be there a year. She is the more outgoing of my kids so I know that once we get there, she won't have any problems diving right in and making friends. But the anticipation is not to her liking.

What are some of the ways you try to reassure your kids in the lead-up to a move?

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