Get Out Your Boards – It’s PCS Bingo


Now that we've gotten through that little deployment thing, it is time for something that we all known and love: preparing to PCS. We are going overseas this summer and my mind is consumed with the million things that we must do before we go: overseas medical screenings, dealing with cars, clearing out stuff, and preparing our house to be rented. Just so this doesn't seem boring or scary, we're going to dig out our old friend, deployment bingo, and come up with a PCS version.

The idea is simple: imagine a bingo card, and mentally fill in all the blocks with crazy stuff that could happen. I like to add a few happy blocks amongst the variety of negative things that immediately come to mind. Missing boxes, changed orders, and transportation mishaps are the first things I think of, but I bet that our readers have lots of ideas to fill in those squares.

I'm pretty sure that we filled in a square today, when we decided, three months before an overseas PCS, that our dryer really wasn't working any more. Perhaps the fact that we've been drying the same load for a week would have been a clue, but I didn't want to admit the truth. No one likes losing an important household appliance right before a PCS, and particularly not when that appliance won't be useful in your new home.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, the game is on. Start suggesting those squares now!

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