Feather Weight Challenge - Weigh In 3


Today I went out and braved the approaching Snowpocalypse to do my weekly weigh in and to make sure I got in a kick-boxing class before holing up with some movies, a stockpile of cheese, and my latest book of choice.

But before I get to my weigh in results...

I have to say I nearly lost a week of workouts. I went to my regular boxing workout on Monday, then decided to run on Monday night while Daughter #2 was at swim team practice. Actually, the running kind of hurt. The running REALLY hurt on Tuesday morning when I figured out that I had somehow strained a muscle in one butt cheek.

Just one.

And I have no idea how that happened.

Tuesday was a kickboxing class, and luckily it was led by Mikey - my personal trainer. I figured I should probably stay home and recuperate, but who wants to be the person who drops out of a contest to benefit charity for a debilitating butt injury? Not me, that's for sure. I figured that I worked through the shin splints (which seem to be gone now, thank heavens!), I could modify the workout to keep the pressure off half of my butt. Mikey was willing to work with me (and I'm such a whiner about working out it's really a wonder anyone is willing to work with me!), and we got through Tuesday. Tuesday ended up being the worst day of the butt injury - by today I was able to do everything in class except walking lunges.

And speaking of today's class -DSCN0251

I had actually planned to tape part of the workout, but my personal training was canceled due to the Snowpocalypse. I'll try to do that next week.

I have an action shot of me kicking the bag as well, but I have to say that the "Kill Face" I make when whacking on the heavy bag is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. I mean, really. I have no idea how anyone can not collapse in giggles after seeing that face. I can't in good conscience put that out in public, I think I embarrass my kids enough already.

I can't emphasize enough how big a deal it has been to find a gym where the coaches and management are personally invested in all their clients. I actually look forward to going to class, not necessarily for the workout (although I feel good AFTER it is over!), but because the staff at LA Boxing makes an effort to get to know everyone, chit chat with everyone, and go the extra mile helping us out. The instructors haven't stinted at helping with diet and exercise advice, and even spending extra time helping me when there's a particular issue I need to address. It's certainly much easier for me to keep up with my workouts now than it was when I was working out at home - now I have to account for the times I choose not to workout.

Instructor: Hey, where were you yesterday?

Me: I just felt too tired to work out.

Instructor: Stopped trying to lose weight, eh?

Me: Um... I'm in denial?

Luckily I've managed to make class or personal training five days a week for the last two weeks - I don't want to let Soldier's Angels down!

And this week, I weighed in at three pounds less than last week. That brings my total to eight pounds lost, with eight weeks of Feather Weight Challenge left to go.

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