Confessions of a Milspouse #820


When my husband returns from deployment, one of the first things I do is look in his toiletry kit. There is usually dirt in there. There's dirt caked into the cap of the toothpaste and sometimes in the crevices of the handle of his toothbrush. I immediately toss the toothbrush and try to clean out his toothpaste.

And sometimes when I start to feel like I'm a bad housewife, that our baseboards are dirty and there's a spot on the kitchen floor that's a clear indicator that I need to get the mop out, I like to remind myself that no matter how infrequently I dust or vacuum, our house will never be dirty enough to find caked-in dirt on our toothbrushes.

It makes me feel better about my housekeeping that our house will always be the cleanest place my husband lives. Spot on the floor and all.

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