When Retraining is in Order...


When my husband came home from his last deployment, I noticed something that became a minor irritation to me. On those rare occasions when he replaced the toilet tissue, (doesn't it always seem like it runs out on yourwatch?) he began placing the roll facing over, instead of under.

I'm an under girl. Always have been. What can I say, it's how I was raised. I've often wondered about you over people. Don't you find that you're constantly having to re-stack the wad of toilet paper that just continues to roll even after you make your tear? We under people don't have that problem. Clean tear every time. No waste. No re-stacking.

I'm not sure how my husband became an over person while away, but he did.It took several weeks of retraining, but he finally got it and we reunited in the under-world.

So, I amused myself a couple of days ago when I found that Cottonelle is conducting a Roll Poll. The videos are hysterical. You can even vote, or start a throwdown. Go on over. Vote. Laugh. Throwdown...

I'm deflated to see that my beloved under-world is losing. Badly.


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