When Homeschooling Meets Military

We have four children, and they have all been home-schooled. It works for us.

Anyway, one of the books we use for early reading is called "Explode the Code." My kids LOVE Explode the Code (and I would heartily recommend it for early reading even if your children are attending regular school - it is fun and it works wonders), which uses silly sentences and pictures to teach all sorts of reading rules before the children even know they are learning.

One of the exercises the books use is to take silly sentences (like: Do Barby and a classmate ride horseback in rowboat?) and then ask the child if the sentence makes sense. Today we got an interesting question:

Can an army on the hillside see in the darkness?

My six year old son said yes, the answer book said no. My son, very exasperated, argued his point, "Haven't these people heard of NIGHT VISION GOGGLES?"


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