We Cannot Send Touch

This morning I remembered an old post I wrote on missing our spouses with all five senses. I started thinking about the flip-side, how we can send them little bits of the homefront to satisfy their senses as well.

In order to keep my husband in the loop with my pregnancy, I can send him photos and videos of me to see. I can send him audio clips of the baby's heartbeat to hear. I can mail him foods that do or don't taste good to me while pregnant. And while there are indeed certain smells associated with being pregnant, I don't have much desire to send him any of that. He can get the point if I just write about it.

But I can't send him touch.

I have about six weeks left until my due date. My belly is getting very firm and full. I can feel knees and feet and the baby's head from the outside. She can push and I can push back. She kicks and hiccups and bounces all day long.

And there's no way I can think of to let my husband in on that miracle.

We can do a lot these days to stay in touch with all the technology available to us. But we cannot send each other touch...

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