Switching branches . . .


But first! Remember the Red, White & You USO Sweethearts?They made it to Iraq unmelted and intact. When I asked Seadaddy tocheck their status for me, Skype showed that there was eye rolling and possibly huffingand puffing at having to get up and get them (*all the way* across (his half of) the chu :-P ).

"Jeez Jenn, what did you think was gonna happen to them?!"

Apparently nothing will happen to them. Just take my easily exasperated husband's word for it :-)

** The candy was actually sent in the heat of the summer, so I'lljust admit it takes me entirely too many months to get my act togetherand follow up. Not the best trait, to be sure. But maybe someone willbe able to confidently send them next summer? I'm going with that.

Between now and then quite a few things have happened. The mostexciting-ish thing military wise is that we are approaching a pcs!

And that brings me to switching branches. My sailor husband is due to pcs soon.Our window is open as it seems to be called and this is my first timedealing with this "open window" as a military spouse. We married inthe middle of his training on the way to our current duty station and Iwasn't really involved in the particulars of Seadaddy's last orders"negotiation".

Seadaddy'scurrent shore duty is not even asolely Navy command. Our neighborhood on post has all branchespresent. We live on post and not on base! Seadaddy deployed to Iraq twice and didn't go out on any dirsup trips above orunder water while we have been stationed here. And I say all this because I am gettingnervous that I am not cut out to be a Navy wife. What if I can't hackit? I just am unsure how I will deal with a sea tour, with thedeployment(s) and port calls and all of the training exercises and qualificationunderways that would keep him coming in and out. I feel like we wouldbe switching branches.

I am wondering if I am alone in this line of thinking. Have youever rotated from shore commands Navy spouses or in a more purple vein- moved into recruiting billets or some joint services command and justfelt like you were not really sure what your service member's branchhad in store for you when it came time to move on?

I am excited about moving on to something new, even as I battle my nervousness and resistance to change...

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