Invasion of the Milspouse Mii


I've been wanting a Wii for ages, only because I was interested in the Wii Fit program. Apparently, I was a good girl last year because Santa left a Wii under the tree. I had almost as much fun designing the Mii characters as I've had working out on Wii fit.

Yesterday, when I was working out on the hula hoops, I was laughing so hard that I could barely wiggle my hips fast enough to keep the hoops spinning, That's because I looked over and noticed that airforcewife Mii and Toad Mii were throwing the hula hoops my way. If someone had been spying on me, they would have dispatched people with straight jackets. Pronto!

I began talking to the Miis as if they were real people. Saying things like, "Bring it airforcewife, bring it." and to Toad Mii, "You throw like a girl, is that all you've got?" Besides being good for my hips and waist, the workout was great for my disposition. The one-sided conversations with my milspouse Miis had me in stitches. Yes, I have a rather odd sense of humor....

I also created a husband Mii and was thinking this would have been great when he was deployed, or even when he's away for short stints. I can just see myself working out with husband Mii.

Wow, what a surprise! That's so nice of the Army to give you a little break so you could come work out with your wife.

Are you eating enough? You look thin.

Now, stop it, you're pushing me too hard. I'm not in the Army, you are!

Did you say, Push Ups?

The only thing I really need is for Wii to offer camo clothing, then I'd be all set.

As you can see, it doesn't take much to entertain me.....

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