In Which airforcewife Attacks a Challenge (With Your Help)


I have been ignoring certain signs at my gym for the past few weeks. You see, these signs are for a competition called "The Feather Weight Challenge" and while the prizes for most weight lost seem pretty cool, the whole idea of having to get weighed by someone else made me feel... icky.

I don't even want to admit how much I weigh to myself, much less to someone else! I'd much rather go by pants size, or inches, or ANYTHING but weight. I have a serious pathological hatred of scales, ever since I went through four pregnancies with very large babies. The scale is not my friend, it is a treacherous, horrible, and insidious enemy that gets my hopes up one day only to respond to water retention the next.


I got to thinking earlier this week. The grand prize is 500$. I think 500$ would be a good sized donation to give to Soldier's Angels. The second prize is a plasma tv. I think a plasma tv would be a great donation for Fisher House.

I would let myself be weighed for Soldier's Angels. And I think I can work hard enough to make a good showing and possibly win. But I need your help...

I'll say straight out right here - I'm a whiner. While I absolutely adore the results I've gotten so far from boxing and kickboxing classes, it's hard for me to really buckle down and not let anything else interfere with my fitness commitment. I mean, I have three kids homeschooling and a deployed husband - so stuff is ALWAYS coming up! And the easiest thing to cut is my class. Or to get fast food instead of eating something healthy when my second daughter's swim practice runs to 8:30 at night.

My biggest motivator - Air Force Guy - is gone right now, so I need the encouragement! The first weigh in for The Feather Weight Challenge is tomorrow. I'll be there. I'll report back to you how that goes (just a warning, I'll probably report back in tears). And I'll also be posting once a week during the length of the challenge (it runs through March). I'll also be posting a twitter account that I'll use just for the challenge - so if you're ready to help motivate me and help me win that prize for Soldier's Angels, please subscribe!

Trust me, I'm ready for someone to hold my feet to the fire here. I'm a fairly laid back person in most things, but I do suffer from a pretty mean competitive streak. I'm ready for your tips, your nagging, and your encouragement. And if you want to train along with me and encourage me that way, I'd love to hear your updates, too!

So, tell me, does anyone here think they can pull together for a SpouseBUZZ win in this? Because I'm ready!

*Update* you can help me on twitter now! @afwiferuthie

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