Feather Weight Challenge - Weigh In 2


I have issues with what number my weigh ins are. Number one was really last week, but it was the initial weigh in for a base number. This week was the first weigh in to actually check progress. So - Weigh in One, or Weigh in Two?

Anyway - I have to admit, I Snoopy Danced. Seeing that needle edge down five pounds in one week is enough for celebratory fireworks in my world.

But there was bad news, as well...

First off, I have to address the fact that I had weirdly large amount of weight loss in one week. While I would love to say I'm just good that way, I'm pretty sure it had a lot to do with the fact that I gave up my beloved Diet Mountain Dew, stuck to water and green tea, and cut out carbs. Not ALL carbs, I love fruit. But there has been no pasta that wasn't shiritaki this week. And I had my soup without the bread to dip in it (nearly cried at that one). But there was probably a lot of bloat in that number.

I highly doubt this amount will continue, and if my past dieting is any indicator it's about to get hard. VERY hard.

But I did attend boxing or kickboxing class four days this week with personal training this morning. And it was at my personal training this morning that my trainer (a Muay Thai fighter named Mikey) broke the horrible news to me... No more bacon.

That's right - no more bacon. No more. Bacon has been a staple of my morning routine since forever. With eggs. Mmmm... bacon. I'd given up so many other things I loved, but just last night I consoled myself that even if I couldn't eat that Boston Cream Pie I still had bacon.

Now I don't have bacon. And please don't tell me to get turkey bacon. Some substitutes just aren't worth it.

On the other hand - five pounds... I'd like to keep my losses up, so I guess I'll have to listen. I'll just be cranky. Maybe it will keep me motivated at boxing class.

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