Do they make two sided frames?


I heart Etsy. And I (over)use facebook. Today the two joined together when Etsy posted a link on their fan page to a vendor selling the first image based off the design of the second image.

Il_430xN.108178258 Keep Calm and Carry On

I had always found the original aesthetically pleasing and a nice goal for everyday living. Truthfully, I think the first time I saw it was on etsy and there are many vendors selling both the original and assorted parodies.

The history of the original speaks (to me) how it is so fitting to this military life. Maybe it is because it is a wartime military life? Since that is all I know I can't say for sure, but I would guess not. Much like the post Tucker wrote that airforcewife linked to yesterday, there are times when you can just stand back and realize that you are living by the original slogan. The unexpected (and even the wholly unwanted) can rear up but your reaction to it is not in any way feeding into letting life get the best of you. But there are times when your limit has been reached or you were caught at the wrong time, when some wire was crossed or cut and the only thing in your bag of tricks is a full fledged freak out. Since AWTM mentioned decorating this morning, I couldn't help but think these two prints would go lovely in my kitchen. I just wonder if there is a two sided frame I can get so it can be switched as needed!* the images link to the specific items Show Full Article

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