Day 1 - Feather Weight Challenge


I just let someone who is not medical personnel weigh me. HORRIBLE! I covered my eyes for most of it. And nearly cried.

But there's much more to this story today...

First of all, the weigh in:DSCN0015 Yes, that's my large rear end standing next to the gym owner, Pat. Pat's been spectacular ever since we joined LA Boxing - very personable and supportive. I decided that I would wear Air Force Guy's shirt from deployment #1 in 2003 for good luck. It says "Who's Your Baghdaddy?" on the back.

After the tears from seeing that horrible number subsided, I changed into my workout bra (VERY important step - trust me), put my shoes back on, and taped up my hands to take a kickboxing class.

This is Sean Croushorn, the kickboxing instructor:DSCN0026

Sean is also a professional MMA fighter. When he's fighting, he looks like this:


Sean is a tremendously popular instructor at the gym, because his class is hard, but he is a strong motivator. Obviously, comparing that picture of me up above to his fighting picture you can see that not only am I no where near Sean's fitness league, but I think I live in a different fitness galaxy. Quite possibly an alternate fitness universe. However, I've found that I really enjoy his class. If I'm doing something wrong, he re-demonstrates to me until I get it right. When I'm doing something well, he always tells me.

Plus, he always moves around during the class so that I can't slack off - if I do, he'll see. And trust me, I need that motivation. If I *didn't* need that motivation, I wouldn't have that large rear end to work off in the first place!

After the class, I nearly burst into tears again - but this time for a good reason. When I told a few of the other class members that I was trying to win the Feather Weight Challenge to donate the money to Soldier's Angels, right on the spot one of them pledged 100$ towards that goal. When I started stuttering to thank her for her generosity in these hard financial times she said, "This is a MUCH better way to use the money than something like another purse!"

She also volunteered her time to help me make over my diet - and task number one is to cut out my beloved Diet Mountain Dew. I'm sure you can feel my sad face at that one.

I was so touched by her pledge and support that I asked for a picture - so here it is, post kickboxing class with the instructor Sean and another class member who is supporting me in the weight challenge and lost over 64 pounds herself! DSCN0027

We're pretty sweaty and gross there, but it's for a good cause.

Day 1/Weigh-in 1 down!

And remember, you can hold my feet to the fire and keep me motivated on twitter as well: @afwiferuthie

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