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I am one of the lucky ones this year, my Husband is home at Christmas.   The blizzard conditions made it impossible for us to leave home, and frankly we were ok with that.  We are used to spending Holidays alone as a family.  Far away from our immediate family, and  our families are accustomed to it as well.  We just will do it later, water off a ducks back. 

Yesterday, we had five foot drifts all around us, and SNOW lots of snow.  I couldn't have been happier really....until throughout the morning my left side of my face hurt, sinus's hurt, neck hurt from swollen glands.  (I have been fighting what was an abscessed tooth, disguised as a sinus infection for about 2 weeks or so)  I had a temporary crown put on the other day, as well as a root canal.  My long freakish caveman roots surprised my dentist, and so did the extra curved roots.  It took far longer than we had anticipated.  (root canals, not nearly as frightening or painful as I had heard, and I actually got a nap in, during the procedure)

I took my tongue, and ran it over my temporary crown, and found nothing but a hole.  I must have swallowed it while sleeping, or eaten it along with the 10 pounds of food I consumed the night before....

I felt horrible about having to call the Dentist on Christmas of all days, I also felt terrible after I had to ask DH to retrieve some antibiotics from the drugstore. (btw, Walgreen's I love you for being open when no one else was).   DH had to run the snowblower, and head out on what was dangerous, and streets that we were unsure were cleared. 

He made it home safe with my medicine, some movies from red box, and it suddenly occurred to me, that although my day  was not ideal I needed to suck it up.  What if I had been alone?  What if my knight in shining armor was not here to save the day with his superb 4 WD skills?  Would I have dared to venture out into the abyss alone with the kids, only to get stuck 4 blocks away?  One never knows.

And I know if I would have had to clear my driveway of 5 foot high drifts, well I would still be doing it

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