Sometimes, it's the smallest of things ...


A while backshe lost her dad, a world-class Air Force test pilot. Probably due to him flying around and through those elusive neutrons that were plentiful in the late '50's. Now she's watching her mom disappear to dementia and probablyits friend Mr Alzheimer's. This,the lady who with six kids in-tow,could handle the Paris metro and the Tokyo taxis with aplomb. Now ... not so. To deal with it, you become objective in your dealings with your feelings, the world and the doctors -- they're doing what they can as swiftly as they can. You only let your feelings come out when it's quiet and dark and during the alone times.

We're away from our home once again -- me helping The Boss, she helping her mom. We're in another hotel room on another installation, and we're pushing through everything that simply needs to be done. It's the right thing to do.

Last night, as I always do just before falling onto the pillow in a strange hotel room,I remembered and reached into my briefcase to grab my little pocket maglite. And I felt it ...

... on the end of the lanyard, is a small silver disk. A disk given me by a dear person who invited me into a friendship. And as important as that was to me, she invited me into a friendship with others that has proven to be utterly and totally remarkable.

Holding my mini-Maglite in my hand I felt that small metal disk.For whatever reason, at that time it represented more raw emotion and a greater depth of understanding than I can capture here. In the two words on that disk, I knew we weren't alone and that struggles of all kinds are on-going in all of our lives. That's why we're here I believe, We're Mil-Spouses. Trouble may be our middle name, but we all face it, deal with it, and keep going. But we do it with help.

The words on mysilver disk attachedtomy ever-present maglite? Battle Buddy. You know who you are and to each of you -- now as always -- thanks. That disk on that Maglite and what it represents,is omni-important in my life.

For you out there in the Land of SpouseBUZZ -- thanks for staying with us on the ride. This is our fourth Christmas together and with you, we're having a load of fun. We've all had some battles during this time and we're getting thru them together. Isn't it odd how without thinking about it, you see and touch something and it brings back a flood of emotions? The great, the good, and the "damn glad we made it to the other side" thoughts.

It looks like we may have another Starry Night inthis neck of the woods ...

O&O, MaintenanceToadOne

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