Me, Me, Me, Me


That's it. I can't go out until my husband gets home. Or I need to learn better social skills. Because lately, everywhere I go, all we ever talk about is me. How long has he been gone? When is he coming back? How do you do it? When are you moving? What do the kids think? I appreciate everyone's interest, and I understand that it sounds odd and different to y'all civilian folks, but aren't you sick of talking about me? It is sort of like this, but different.

I've tried changing the subject, and that often works for a bit, but then a new person enters the conversation and then we're back to me. I feel like I'm trying to hog all the attention which is very much not true. (Not that I don't enjoy being funny, but all the time? I'm certainly not THAT funny. It's not like I'm Guard Wife.) I feel like I'm preventing other people from being the subject ofattention, and it seems so rude. I actually left a party early lastnight because I was hoping that they'd be able to talk about somethingelse if I left.

I'm wondering if anyone else experiences this, or if you have any suggestions. I don't want to hide in a box for the next few months but this is ridiculous!

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