It's All Blocked


Dear Army,

You are on my list these days. Just so you know.

First you take my husband for my entire pregnancy. Fine. I can handle that, because I am a big girl.

Then you send him somewhere where umpteenjillion soldiers share one computer. Not good.

Then you block Facebook and all blogs on that computer. And now we have to have words...

He can't be here for any of the growth of his child and the wild weight gain of his wife. The only way he can participate is if you allow me to take photos and videos and upload them somehow. But you took away all the platforms for him to be able to see these videos and photos.

Seriously, I get OPSEC and all, but please don't take these soldiers away from their families for long periods of time and then deny them access to any way to keep in touch with their families. That's just wrong.

You need to shape up, Army.


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