Recently, I've been watching the HBO mini-series John Adams on DVD. (Yes, I know, I'm a bit behind the times. I'm slow that way.) On several occasions, I've been struck by things done or said by Abigail Adams. She was amazing, but I doubt she saw herself that way. She simply got on with whatever she had to do: farming, raising her children, or keeping her husband's head from getting too big.

There was one scene where the couple were arguing while he was Vice-President. Abigail told John they could resume their conversation when he returned to his senses. Oh, how I wish I'd used that line when my husband attended Jump School a month before his 39th birthday. Or when he talks about wanting to get back to a Fleet unit (in Marine terms, a deployable unit).

I might not use that line but, in future, I'll be thinking it!

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